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Y2 series three-phase induction motor(aluminum die cast hous

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Y2 series three-phase induction motor(aluminum die cast housing)

Y2 series three-phase induction motors which are designed adopting to the national uniform are conformity with IEC34-1 and JB/T8680.1.1998 standards ,also up to the international advanced level 90's as substitute of Y series induction motors, It possesses sophisticated features such as new structure ,good appearance slight vibration low noise etc.
1.Frame size: 63~132
2.Pole: 2, 4, 6, 8 
3.Output: 0.18KW~7.5KW
4.Rated voltage: 380V
5.Rated frequency: 50HZ
6.Insulation class: F
7.Protection class: IP44, IP55

speed reducer, fan, food machinery, water pump, packing industry, assembly line

If the motor of which the frequency, voltage and connection are specially, please stale when ordering.