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Warmly celebrate Zhejiang Jiang Yu Motor Company’s high-spe

Time:2016-12-19 14:26 Author: View:

   June 15, 2012, Zhejiang Jiang Yu Motor Co. Ltd hold the scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting in Hangzhou Lotus Hotel. The appraisal committee is formed by Zhejiang Machinery Industry Federation vice president Li Dake, Zhejiang State University Science and Technology Park, Zhejiang University of Technology professor Yang Jilong and other professors. The general manager Li Xiaoyu reported the information of High-speed Rail train special ventilation motor and air conditioner outdoor motor to all the professors and experts.

    Through the query and discussion, the Appraisal Commission gave a high rating to the achievements of this project. They think that the technology of the project achievements is in the domestic leading level in China, the motors has the characteristics of excellent waterproof performance and low noise, especially suitable for outdoor large central air conditioning and some outdoor precision machinery, and suggest further develop and strengthen the study on a series of promotion .
     In recent years, our company endless innovate in the technology, so that the market competitiveness of our products continue to be improved and widely used in air-conditioning industry, transformer fan and other industries, promote the development of motor industry in China.